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I graduated from Georgia State in 2014 with my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work . I planned on going to Graduate school and getting on Master’s in Social work . Then I brought a camera & took a graphic design class. My whole career plan changed. I was absolutely in love with being able to create a masterpiece out of nothing & being able to capture people’s special moments . Through photography & design I had found my passion. One day I was on Facebook & I saw and ad. You know those ad’s you see when scrolling down your new feed . The ad said ” Get your degree in photography. I really though this ad was a sign but when I clicked the link it brought a few schools online & the Art Institute. I am not a huge fan of the Art Institute. So I did some research on some local college’s  that  offered photography as a major. I found Savannah College of Art & Design.  



SCAD was everything & more!! Great program , great teachers , great campus etc. There reviews online where awesome. Even though you can’t believe everything you hear online. They where rated top 10 art school on the east coast. So I started building a portfolio , applied to SCAD. I told no one that I was applying , I didn’t want this now dream of mine to get shut down if I didn’t get in. So months went by I didn’t hear anything. I went about my regular life . So one early morning I got an email from Savannah College of Art & Design. Nervously I didn’t open until a week later.  I had got into SCAD like OMG! This was huge , little ol me had gotten into one of the top art school. Yay me. 


At this very moment I was so excited! I literally jumped around my apartment . I told a few of my closest friends & family. Then Facebook , Instagram lol don’t judge me. So as August is here now every college student is probably back to school shopping. So I put together some of the things I have gotten & thing I need to get . As going to an art school some things are slightly different from a traditional school. So Below you will find my favorites for class time as well as my shopping list.


Being a photography major , a DSLR camera was a most! I absolutely love canon camera’s & len’s. Some people prefer Nikon but I’m a canon ride or die. Some essential for class.

Memory Card – 32 Gig or higher
USB drive
Camera Case
Lighting Kit


Imagine a photography major without a laptop. Just tragic , tragic , tragic! Lol I love MacBook’s when it comes down to designing , editing photography or editing video. It has the magic for it. PC’s are nice for basic stuff but anything designing and up you need a Macbook. Eseentials list to go with my MacBook.

External Mouse



Essential School Supplies

3 Ring Binder

Notebook Paper

Plain Copy Paper

Spiral Note books

Legal Pads

Post It Notes

Pens – Multiple Colors


Highlighters – Multiple Colors

Uber excited to start this next journey. Another four years of undergrad is a bittersweet moment. Honestly I am a little scared to be a freshman all over again. I hope that you join me in this journey. I will be creating a series entitled #25collegefreshman. Where you’ll get at look my college life . Hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure you subscribe so you’ll get updated on new posts.

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2 thoughts on “Back To School Shopping List

  1. EmBe

    Similar to Nikola this makes me wish that I had gotten the opportunity to go off to college after high school instead of having to go out, and work to cover what my mom could no longer do.

    It’s posts like this that make me realize just how much I missed, and didn’t get to experience.

    I love what I do but, it took a lot of sacrifice after my mom died to get to the place that I am at now, and sometimes I wonder if I had been able to do what everyone else did and just go to college if I would have “figured it all out” sooner…

    And just for the record – I want that pink mac book – SO BAD!!!!!


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