Summer Playlist


1-  Company  Drake

2- My Way Fetty Wap

3- 679 Fetty Wap

4- Welcome To America Lecrae

5- Come Get Her Rae Sremmurd

6-Commas Future

7- She Knows Ne-Yo

8- Ass Drop Wiz Khalifa

9- 7/11 Beyonce

10- Handsome And Wealthy Migos

11- One Time Migos

12- Earned It The Weeknd

13- Often The Weeknd

14- 2 On Tinashe

15- The Body Wale

16- She Wildin Fabolous

17- How many times DJ Khaled

18- Only Nicki Minaj

19- Slow motion Trey Songz

20- Million Tink


Style Diary Journal


So it was my intentions to put together my favorite outfits that I rocked from July together and show you a little into my style. Unfortunately due to the fact that I hold a full time and have other responsibilities I was unable to.  I have put together a little something with a few of my favorite outfits. You will get an idea of my style.









Basic Makeup Kit


This post has been highly requested. Alot people online and offline I get so many compliments on my make up . So many people want to know how I get my make up so “perfect. Girl , if you only knew how many Youtube videos I’ve watched and just trial and error I’ve done. I had to study my face know what works , know what does’nt work. I have put together a essentials make up kit  while on a budget . Being a college student I don’t like to spend that much money on make up. Or are you just getting into make up this is a great beginners guide.


Cover Girl Tru Blend

LA-Girl-Pro-HD-BB-CreamLa Girl Pro BB Cream



ELF Cosmetics Blush & Bronzer duo

Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick

Eyeshadow Palette

NYC Individual Eyes – Created for Brown Eyes


Wet n Wild MegaImpact Mascara, Very Black


 LA Girl Gel Liner


Bh Cosmetics 14 pc Party Girl Brush Set

Back To School Shopping List




I graduated from Georgia State in 2014 with my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work . I planned on going to Graduate school and getting on Master’s in Social work . Then I brought a camera & took a graphic design class. My whole career plan changed. I was absolutely in love with being able to create a masterpiece out of nothing & being able to capture people’s special moments . Through photography & design I had found my passion. One day I was on Facebook & I saw and ad. You know those ad’s you see when scrolling down your new feed . The ad said ” Get your degree in photography. I really though this ad was a sign but when I clicked the link it brought a few schools online & the Art Institute. I am not a huge fan of the Art Institute. So I did some research on some local college’s  that  offered photography as a major. I found Savannah College of Art & Design.  



SCAD was everything & more!! Great program , great teachers , great campus etc. There reviews online where awesome. Even though you can’t believe everything you hear online. They where rated top 10 art school on the east coast. So I started building a portfolio , applied to SCAD. I told no one that I was applying , I didn’t want this now dream of mine to get shut down if I didn’t get in. So months went by I didn’t hear anything. I went about my regular life . So one early morning I got an email from Savannah College of Art & Design. Nervously I didn’t open until a week later.  I had got into SCAD like OMG! This was huge , little ol me had gotten into one of the top art school. Yay me. 


At this very moment I was so excited! I literally jumped around my apartment . I told a few of my closest friends & family. Then Facebook , Instagram lol don’t judge me. So as August is here now every college student is probably back to school shopping. So I put together some of the things I have gotten & thing I need to get . As going to an art school some things are slightly different from a traditional school. So Below you will find my favorites for class time as well as my shopping list.


Being a photography major , a DSLR camera was a most! I absolutely love canon camera’s & len’s. Some people prefer Nikon but I’m a canon ride or die. Some essential for class.

Memory Card – 32 Gig or higher
USB drive
Camera Case
Lighting Kit


Imagine a photography major without a laptop. Just tragic , tragic , tragic! Lol I love MacBook’s when it comes down to designing , editing photography or editing video. It has the magic for it. PC’s are nice for basic stuff but anything designing and up you need a Macbook. Eseentials list to go with my MacBook.

External Mouse



Essential School Supplies

3 Ring Binder

Notebook Paper

Plain Copy Paper

Spiral Note books

Legal Pads

Post It Notes

Pens – Multiple Colors


Highlighters – Multiple Colors

Uber excited to start this next journey. Another four years of undergrad is a bittersweet moment. Honestly I am a little scared to be a freshman all over again. I hope that you join me in this journey. I will be creating a series entitled #25collegefreshman. Where you’ll get at look my college life . Hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure you subscribe so you’ll get updated on new posts.

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Denim on Denim has been quite trendy the past few years. I’m intentional about trying out this style so I put together a look that I’m excited about wearing in the near future. This outfit is perfect for a late movie, dinner, or outing with your girlfriends. The nude single-soled heels and gold watch add a touch of class to this look. Simple yet so chic and fashion-forward. For makeup, I’d definitely go with a bold red lip. Ruby Woo by Mac would be the perfect red-matte lippie for denim on denim. And let us not forget about that hair girl. Bring your hair back into a nice sleek pony-tail and slay those edges. This is the perfect time to add some clip-in extensions if you’d like to go for a longer pony. Low pony-tails are sophisticated and make you appear clean, polished, and put-together.


In what ways would complete the denim on denim look? Leave your comments.